NBA Player of the Week - Visual Analysis

Created: October 27, 2018

Latest Update: November 2, 2018

By: Can Bekleyici


For this project, I explored a dataset from kaggle, which contains every Player of the Week awarded between the NBA seasons 1984/85 and 2017/18. After shortly assessing and cleaning the dataset, I started exploring the data by using a variety of visualisations and techniques (as feature engineering). Upon finishing the exploration, I polished the visualizations for presentation purposes and turned them into slide decks.

Key Findings:

The visual exploration of the dataset revealed, that players in the position of a guard have been chosen the most times as 'Player of the Week' in the NBA. The body mass index (bmi) of each awarded player have been the highest on average for Forward-Centers and the lowest on average for Shooting-Guards. Players that have been drafted more recently tend to have a higher bmi on average than players that have been drafted 10-50 years ago. Despite the overall trend of higher bmi's for high performing players, the average bmi's of Forwards (F), Centers (C), and Forward-Centers (FC) have actually decreased more recently.