About bekleydata

bekleydata is a personal portfolio and blog by data analyst Can Bekleyici. bekleydata will display projects and current trends from a wide area of data related subjects, including machine learning, natural language procession (NLP), data engineering, webscraping & data monitoring.

About Me

Name: Can Bekleyici   |   Age: 28   |  Majored in: Chinese Economics and Law (B.A.)   |  Current location: Berlin/Germany   |  Currently working as: Data Analyst at Springer Nature Publishing Group


I studied Chinese economics and law at the Free University of Berlin, while also attending advanced programming and computer science classes. Shortly after graduating in 2018, I completed the Data Analyst nanodegree program at Udacity. I am currently employed as Data Analyst with Springer Nature, where I'm working on data analysis, data monitoring, machine learning, and search engine optimization projects.